Institute for Software Research - Carnegie Mellon University

Password dress: A frock covered in security faux pas

Want to know which passwords not to use? Take a look at Lorrie Faith Cranor's password dress, swathed in some of the most common passwords around. There's "lovely," "friends," ... Read More »

Institute for Software Research

"Software, Systems, and Society”

Housed in the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, ISR hosts two PhD programs and six masters programs. Our research and educational programs focus on software engineering, privacy engineering, eBusiness, and societal computing. ISR is home to approximately thirty faculty members, seventy visitors and staff, forty Ph.D. students, and more than one hundred MS students. ISR is also a focal point in SCS for industry and international collaboration.

ISR faculty and students engage in a wide range of research including:

  • Big data and scalability
  • Complex socio-technical systems
  • Computational modeling and simulation
  • Cyber security, privacy, and usable privacy and security
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Organizations, collaboration and coordination, and software teams
  • Requirements engineering
  • Social media
  • Social network analysis
  • Software architecture, analysis, assurance, quality, and development tools
  • Sustainable energy and energy consumption
  • and more…